The following is the list of provincial, national and international events.

The British Columbia Weightlifting Association has developed a static competition calendar for it's core competitions. This helps the athletes prepare on time and with lots of notice, as an athlete's training schedule will revolve around the competition calendar. Other competitions may be a BCWA sanctioned event, but are not recognized as a core competition until approved by the Executive. Click here to view our Events Calendar.

If you are interested in hosting an event, please view our guidelines for hosting an event.

Upcoming Events

Date Competition Location Host Club Qualification / Age
June 15 - 16, 2024 NCCP Competition Introduction Course - June 15th/16th 2024 Dynasty Gym Burnaby
June 22, 2024 2024 Vancouver Classic Function Health Club Port Coquitlam Dynasty Weightlifting Club
August 9 - 11, 2024 2024 Ogopogo Weightlifting Championships Kelowna Vikings Weightlifting Club

Annual Qualifying periods for BC Athletes:

Junior Canadian Championships - September 15 - May 15 - Juniors must compete at BC JR Provincials to be eligible for team selection (unless an exception has been formally voted upon by the Board of Directors)

BC Provincial Championships - August 1st - February 28

Western Canadian Championships - May 15 - October 31 - Qualification window begins with Canadian Senior Nationals and ends with Island Invitational)

Senior Canadian Championships - August 1st - March 31

Annual Events Calendar for BCWA Members (Provincial, Regional & National)

Competition Name Time of year (wk) Age Groups Sanctioned by
Junior National Championships June (3) U21 - Selected Team WCH
A&R Memorial February (1) Open BCWA
BC Masters Provincial Championships March (1) 30+ BCWA
BC Junior & Senior Provincial Championships March (last) Open BCWA
Spring Interclub April (3) Open BCWA
Youth Spring Open May (1) U21 - Open BCWA
Senior National Championships May (3) Qualified Athletes (age 15+) WCH
Vancouver Classic June (last) Open BCWA
Masters National Championships July (2) 30+ CMWFHC
Ogopogo Open August (3) Open BCWA
Fall Interclub September (3) Open BCWA
Island Invitational October (1) Open BCWA
Western Canadian Championships November (3) Selected Team Western PSO's
Junior Open Competition 2023 onwards December (1) U21 - Open BCWA

(*subject to change*)

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

BC Weightlifting Association hosts multiple events each year for athletes, coaches and officials. Please refer to the list below for more information on upcoming workshops, sanctioned competitions, club events and courses.

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Competition Results

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