The Sinclair Coefficients are a means to compare different weight classes in olympic weightlifting. The answer to the question "What would be the total of an athlete weighing X kilograms if he/she were an athlete in the heaviest class of the same level of ability?" is given by the formula: ACTUAL TOTAL × SINCLAIR COEFFICIENT = SINCLAIR TOTAL.

To compare and rank the results, especially between bodyweight categories, the International Weightlifting Federation uses the Sinclair Coefficients which are derived statistically and calculated for one Olympic cycle (for four years, starting in the beginning of each year following the Olympics).  The IWF also uses Robi points as an alternate calculation.

Sinclair Coefficients

Coefficient Maximum BWT
Male 0.722762521 193.609
Female 0.787004341 153.757

Excel Formula for calculating Sinclair

For Men


For Women


The above formulae are for the 2021-2024 cycle.  Below are the coefficients for the previous 2017-2020 cycle.

Download 2017 - 2020 Coefficient Sheets

Male Coefficient Chart(282kb)
Female Coefficient Chart(283kb)
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