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The following information was provided to BCWA from the CWFHC

The CWFHC memo containing the information for the 2017 International Competitions Program is in preparation. However, we will send you the preliminary information for the 2017 Junior World Championship project as the first qualifying event will be the Canadian Junior Championships to be held on January 14, 2017.
The CWFHC will pay 80% of the basic expenses (transportation, registration, room & board) for the top 2 men, top 2 women with highest Marker based on the 2017 Junior Markers.
Each athlete’s percentage must be higher than 86% of the 2017 Junior Markers of their category.
CWFHC will not finance the participation of an athlete at the 2017 Pan American Championships where CWFHC paid in part its participation in the 2017 Junior World Championships.
In the case that one athlete qualified for JRW-2017 and PanAm-2017, CWFHC will only cover the cost of one of these 2 events.
It is the usual clause because there is less than 4 weeks between these competitions.

Minimum Threshold of Performance *MTP: a Minimum Threshold of Performance is set at 81% of the 2017 Junior Markers.
It is the minimum requirement for an athlete to be considered eligible for this competition.
The coach of the athlete (M or W) with the highest Marker will be invited to be the coach of this team.
Based on the participation of the number of athletes per project and coaches participating, the CWFHC adjusts the number of coaches and sometimes adds a team manager. This increases the project budget allocated by the CWFHC. A reflection is continuing to arrive at a number of athletes and an acceptable ratio of coaches and manager.

Declaration of interest and eligibility:
Athletes who wish to participate in this competition must declare their interest in writing before February 27 2017 (to: ).
Each person who sends a declaration of interest must send an e-photo (passport size & rules of passport photo) (to: ).
To cover a portion of the administrative and anti-doping costs imposed upon the CWFHC, any athlete that declares his or her interest must send a cheque made payable : CWFHC in the amount of $30 (posted to the office of the FHQ).
Coaches may also indicate in writing if they are available for this project.
This procedure allows us to rank the candidates after the first qualification event and then follow up on passports and other formalities.

Qualification Events Include:
- 2017 Canadian Junior Championships, January 14, Brossard, QC
- Western Canadian Championships – 2017, March 25 – Saskatoon, SK
- Ontario Senior Championships – 2017, March 25 – Belleville, ON
- Classique Haltérophile Québécoise – 2017, March 25 – La Prairie, QC
These competitions must be subject to doping control.
*: refer to the document CWFHC 2017- 2020 List of qualifications events for International competitions available on CWFHC website.
(*) A temporary adjustment was made following the introduction by the IWF of the women's 90 kg and over 90 kg categories at international competitions from January 2017.

100% Marker251.208273.521309.625321.646336.438350.833364.875373.396
Total - 86%217kg236kg267kg277kg290kg302kg314kg322kg
MTP - 81%204kg222kg251kg261kg273kg285kg296kg303kg
100% Marker168.854187.813203.542212.688218.917220.333228.864237.396
Total - 86%146kg162kg176kg183kg189kg190kg197kg205kg
MTP - 81%137kg153kg165kg173kg178kg179kg186kg193kg

We do not have the statistical data for the 90 kg category as is the case for the other categories.
The markers of the category +90 kg is the amount of the category +75 kg.
For the category of 90 kg, 237,396 - 220,333 = 17,063 / 2 = 8,531 + 220,333 = 228,864.
We will analyze the results in 2017 for these two categories and adjust these figures more precisely in 2018.
The increase of 1% (2013-2016: 80% -85%, 2017: 81-86%) is made to try to increase the rank obtained by the athletes at this competition. Most Canadian participants finish in the last third of their category year after year. It is important that the caliber increases if we want to be able to win more places at the Olympics and get better ranks at international competitions.

Athletes who meet the *MTP may be able to participate if they cover their own expenses (100%).
All athletes must compete in the category in which they entered and qualified for this project.
Rule of “Upgrading – A”:
the athlete will submit his/her candidature for this competition.
Following the publication of the final ranking list (when the qualification events are done), the athlete can request in writing an upgrade in the heavier category.
To be “upgraded”, the Marker of the athlete in a heavier class should place him/her among the Top 8 men or Top 8 women on these teams.
The athlete or his personal coach will have 4 working days (inclusive) starting from the date of the publication of the ranking to send the written request (to: ). There will be no exceptions granted to this time frame.

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