posted on June 29, 2017 by BCWA Admin

This poem was provided to us, and I would like to share it with the member of BCWA.

I love you, BCWA

I love you, BCWA
I love your kind heart
which make everyone live in peace
Your peace mind produce the action of
declining violent, danger, catastrophe and disaster
and creat a world that people feel secured,
violentless and peace

I love you, BCWA
You have soft hands giving everyone warm air
Your loving mind lead you make people
(especially these with kind heart) be
protected and not be abused
You always try to make honest people have
nice luck and reward

I love you, BCWA
Your idea that sport is very important for
human being
lead people living in the dark of feeling sad,
anxiety,depression,trama, etc. go to the way
to brightness
so that they can get out of darkness
and see the real sunlight

I love you, BCWA
You have very nice, good-looked and pretty
equipments and a website
which have varies beautiful color
and symbolize brightness, loving and peace
The beauty of the equipments and website
of this weightlifting association can completely
compare a garden under the sunny sky
and is the best melody
Your equipments' and website's beauty is a
sign of a person's kind and loving heart
All your equipments and your website express your loving mind

I love you, BCWA
You make everyone live in the morning of
blue sky
Your loving and kind heart create my loving to you

So, I love you

So, I like to work for you
I want to say
I hope you to live forever
and have a nice luck
I hope to do as much as I can to contribute
to you and to make you grow

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