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We have been going through a growth period in our sport, a fantastic one that I have not seen for a while. When I started, the sport was all Juniors, not so many Senior lifters. Now we have mostly Senior lifters and a handful of Junior lifters. Back when I was lifting, 300 was an amazing sinclair that could get you best lifter at any competition.

2016 saw some amazing competitions, three competitions specifically were huge, Ogopogo, Seafest and KilOpen. The numbers from those competitions 5-10 years ago only happened once in a blue moon.

With this increased growth, we have a need for more competitions throughout the calendar year, and to come up with a solution for the limited entries.

We have received enough feedback from enough clubs that we need to change this. To achieve this we want to hold a meeting for clubs to voice their opinions and to offer solutions on how to change the Competition Calendar.

While everyone in BCWA is invited, suggestions and changes will only be voted on by registered clubs, we feel this is a fair and valid way to allow you to be involved in the process.
To register your club is easy,

We will have a live stream via Google Hangouts to watch the meeting, Skype and phones to accept phone calls, etc.

Thank you

Brock Pedersen
Vice President
British Columbia Weightlifting Association

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